Wednesday, 26 March 2014

To the Members of the Armed Forces

It has been brought to my attention that something I once wrote here on Eye of Woden offends a certain section of upstanding English men and women - the Armed Forces. The part in question is as follows, and is from this article:

When I hear stories about Afghani babies dying at checkpoints because the Western mercenaries known as ‘heroes’ don’t let them through in time, I am deeply saddened.

I feel inclined to explain myself here, because offence may have been caused to people who I value and respect, and that was not my intention. My wording here is careless yet I cannot withdraw the entire sentiment of it. Yes, I do believe that our Armed Forces are unwitting mercenaries, in the sense that they are being used in a very complex and clever game played by our western occupied governments. However, our serving soldiers - particularly Nationalistically minded ones - are in most cases doing what they believe is right, with noble intention. For that reason they can still be considered heroes. There are no doubt some - most likely those for whom serving is simply a job - who act ignobly in their dealings with the natives of Afghanistan and Iraq etc and it is they I was referring to in the above sentence.

None of us go through life making all the right decisions and statements, and all that can be expected of us is to do what we believe is right and honourable at the time, with the given information. If we don't have access to the vast amount of hidden information that we all would need to live a flawless life, then it is natural that sometimes what we intend is different from the outcome, or from what others intend for us. So yes, I do still believe that our soldiers should never have waged war in the Middle-East, but I also accept that many have good reason to disagree with me, and they are there with noble intentions upholding the spirit of heroism according to their own moral compass.

I am no less flawed than anyone else, and there are things I've said and written which will turn out to be wrong (some I already know of). In this case I was just careless, and I apologise to all noble serving men and women for that.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Agent Cameron's Bold Jewish Bias

Agent Cameron spoke to the Israeli Parliament recently. He told the "vulnerable" state, in Hebrew, that "we are with you". Agent Cameron also said that he would defend Jewish cultural practices, including Shechita, the kosher slaughtering of animals. He promised to continue barring entry into Britain of anti-semites (remember: an 'anti-semite' is not someone who hates Jews, but someone who the Jews hate), which makes one wonder what he intends to do about the growing number of so-called 'anti-semites' already here.

But one aspect of his speech is more worrying, telling and treacherous than all of the above. Agent Cameron told the Israeli Parliament he had changed the law on universal jurisdiction in order to block attempts to arrest Israeli politicians in Britain.

The law of Universal Jurisdiction is the very same principle by which 'anti-semites' who write things in one country can be arrested by another - for example, the case of Dr Frederick Toben.

Yet Jews in Israel who might be considered guilty of crimes against the Palestinian people are, in Cameron's words "welcome to visit any time" whilst Comedians such as Dieudonne M’bala M’bala are barred entry.

So Agent Cameron can claim all he likes to be the leader of the 'British' people (British being a civic/political term) but his actions betray a bias towards Israel and the interests of that nation rather than the nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland which Cameron does not belong to. That is why I call him 'Agent Cameron'.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Black Sabbath - 'Jerusalem' Lyrics

Firstly, a happy new year to you all. I hope your Yuletide was as pleasant as mine - spent relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. May 2014 be a year of truth, freedom and happiness for us all who are committed to those essential principles.

I am about to present to you a brief article about the band Black Sabbath, who I am a big fan of. I know there are those of you out there who view rock 'n' roll as an entirely harmful element in our culture - largely promoted by money-grabbing Jews and corrupt gentiles. More so Black Sabbath who have now spent decades seemingly promoting 'Satanic' decadance. I tend to see them as great musicians who had a fascination for horror films, then mixed theatre with a heavier brand of rock music. I'd agree that Ozzy Osbourne is a poor example, exploiting the 'celebrity culture' through his overbearing wife (or is it she who exploits his fame for her own gain?).

Either way, this post relates to an incarnation of Black Sabbath that did not include Ozzy. Actually, it was an incarnation that included only one original member - Tony Iommi. Listening to the album TYR (1990) the other day, my ears pricked up during the song 'Jerusalem'. Take a listen, and then read the lyrics.

The highway's screamin', callin' out your name
Cause every road that you travel on
there's a price to pay
A thousand eyes are starin'
but the blind still lead the blind

Where will you turn if it all goes wrong
and you're on the run Jerusalem?

You say you walked through the valley
you say you've seen the signs
Echoes call you from a distant age
Or is it in your mind?

Then a thousand souls rise from the sea
holding up the sun
And an angel cries 'beware your lies'
It could be the end of it all

Where will you turn if it all goes wrong
and you're on the run Jerusalem?

Everybody knows your name, every road leads to anger
Will it always be the same, is there reason to return?

Where will you turn if it all goes wrong
and you're on the run Jerusalem?

When an angel cries - Jerusalem
Better watch your lies - Jerusalem
When an angel cries - Jerusalem

Great song, right!? Now tell me those lyrics don't seem as though they're referring to 'the chosen ones'. It's true that through my regular research I have become interested in the nature of the Jewish people, and so it could be that I'm merely seeing what I want to see. Perhaps you can let me know what you think in the comments section. And please note: I am not making assertive claims here, nor am I accusing the lyricist Tony Martin or the band leader Tony Iommi of 'anti-Semitism'. Only Tony Martin would truly be able to explain the meaning behind these lyrics. It's interesting that this song would appear on an album named after the Sky God of the Teutonic pantheon and would feature overtly Germanic artwork.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Examining the Potential of Vril for Folk Vitality

Many readers will be familiar with the concept of 'Vril', possibly having read the book which inspired me to write this article - 'Vril or Vital Magnetism'. But whether you are acquainted with the concept or not, I humbly ask for your attention because whilst I intend to start off with a basic introduction to Vril, I do have some further thoughts and ideas on its application in our current time. Nationalists and activists seeking a genuinely more healthy World for the people should carefully consider this idea, for it may well be that we cannot gain a foothold against the enemies of mankind without understanding and employing Vril. To begin, I'd like to make three points:

1) This article is for those who believe in the existence of that which is unseeable.
2) It is only in our modern Western World that we ignore it. It is known in other cultures as 'Qi' (Chinese) or 'Prana' (India).
3) The term 'Vril' has close relations with the National Socialist movement of Germany, and has thus been ignored and belittled on political grounds.

What is Vril?

The subtitle of the book 'Vril or Vital Magnetism' is 'Secret Doctrine of Ancient Atlantis, Egypt, Chaldea and Greece'. As such, the book makes regular claims as to Vril being an ancient concept. I'm not aware of the use of the term 'Vril' in writings any earlier than 'Vril, The Power of the Coming Race' by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Written in 1871, it is the fictional tale of a highly advanced underground race of people who harness this power called Vril. Today's deniers of the legitimacy of Vril often point to the fact that it seems to have arisen as a fictional science-fiction concept. Yet that does not matter, for within moments of picking up 'Vril or Vital Magnetism' I knew this concept to be legitimate; as though a profound sense of familiarity took hold. Indeed, the concept of Vril is so simple that it is a miracle that our advanced Western consciousness has so readily ignored it for so long. I have theories about this which I'll return to later.

Vril (or whatever term you use to describe the same energy) undoubtedly influenced, knowingly or unknowingly, the idea of 'the Force' in George Lucas' popular Star Wars films. And if one can overcome the ridiculousness of legitimising a mainstay of pop-culture such as 'the Force' then it actually serves as a good basis for the understanding of Vril. Vril is all around us. It exists within everything - every human, animal, plant, rock, cell and atom. It exists in water and in air and it is constantly at work. It is the lubrication of all life. And significantly, its level of presence within a man determines his status as 'alive' or 'deceased'. Various books, such as 'Vril or Vital Magnetism', will offer a whole explanation and I urge anyone interested in this to study more comprehensive writings on the subject (as I myself intend to). But the fundamental nature of Vril can be summed up in the following brief explanation (from the aforementioned book):

"A man may feel the sting of an insect, and may then will to brush aside the insect. But unless (by the exercise of his will, usually, but sometimes by reflex activity) he sends a current of vital-force, life-energy, nervous energy - Vril, in short - his muscles will not contract nor will his hand move."

Vril cannot be created or destroyed (by Earthly man at least) but is harnessed in varying amounts by each human. A man who has large amount of Vril will be energetic, healthy and productive, whilst a man who lacks or wastes Vril (through modern stresses and an ignorance of Vril's importance) will be lethargic, depressed and apathetic. Sound familiar?

" increasing his supply of Vril he may so charge himself with this life-energy and nerve-force as to become a very dynamo of energy, activity, and power. The man or woman doing this will possess a mighty advantage over the majority of the race at this time. Such a course will mean increased efficiency, increased power, and increased success - and, let us hope, increased happiness."

So how do we harness a greater amount of Vril?

I'll not go into too much detail here, as more detailed instruction and the theory behind harnessing Vril can be found in the aforementioned book, among others. But here are three easy methods:

1) Select healthy foods - particularly foods that have within them the potential for life (eggs, nuts, seeds and fruit). Eat them extremely slowly - i.e. chew your food intensely before you swallow. It is long believed that much of the Vril we acquire from foods is absorbed in the mouth and via the enjoyment of the taste. Do the same with water - drink slowly and absorb its Vril whilst it remains in the mouth.

2) Breathe properly. This means breathing slowly and fully, from your abdomen all the way up through your upper-chest. Do so through the nose and visualise the vital energy permeating your body with every breath.

3) Waste no Vril. Vril is wasted via emotional outbursts and by an inefficient use of energy. We must learn to fully relax whenever we can, and we must learn to control our emotions so that Vril energy can be put to use at meaningful times.

There is more to it than this, such as learning how to cleanse our body by the use of Vril and to direct that vital energy to parts of our body that need it (when we're injured, infected or simply cold). This is the secret behind the Eastern healing technique called Reiki. For one can not only enhance oneself, but also others by the use of Vril.

Theoretical Application

Here's where I go beyond what I've read and offer my own observations and theories as to the significance of Vril.

It seems to me that the ultimate and inevitable conclusion of there being an invisible field of vital energy that permeates all is that nature (or the Gods perhaps) will favour those who harness the most Vril. Perhaps it is so that those who make powerful use of Vril have a stronger connection with other beings, and thus a stronger influence upon other beings. Indeed, by this thinking Vril becomes a prize to be coveted, exploited, hidden and manipulated for the purposes of control.

Why is it, for example, that certain men or women have a certain 'gravitas'? Some men will speak and everyone stops to listen, whilst others speak and are ignored. When we look at those 'commanding types' we often see nothing obvious in them which demands our respect or attention, but we can sense an 'x factor' in them - something we can't entirely explain. I would also suggest that most often these people who command a natural authority have no knowledge of the vital energy but are accidentally subject to its generosity. Maybe it is that some people accidentally develop the correct breathing techniques or eating habits, or because of the way they are brought up they instinctively know how to control their emotional outbursts and to relax. Such a person will unknowingly attract a greater-than-average supply of Vril.

So is this why modern Western science firmly denies the existence of an unseeable force? It is beyond doubt that there is a malevolent faction of people who seek to control the World, and in most ways already do. These people filter and censor everything that we are allowed to know by use of their favoured tools - Mainstream Media and Academia. They do so because knowledge is power, truth is liberty, and were we to know too much we would find the tools to escape their control. For example, the Pharmaceutical industry is worth billions. Should we discover that there are cheap, effective alternatives to chemical medicines then we would deprive the 'elite' of our money, our taxes, our labour, our time, and we would withdraw from them the ability to choose who among us may be treated.

This video of Gregg Braden - which, by the way, appeared amongst in my daily blog feed the day after I learnt about the workings of Vril - offers an uncanny example of Vril in action. It shows how in China, their use of 'Qi' - a force which the Chinese commonly acknowledge - was able to heal a patient of bladder cancer within minutes. This is the kind of knowledge that those who rule the West do not want to become widespread.

Adolf Hitler and Vril

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article 'the Nazis' (as their detractors called them) have become synonymous with the concept of Vril. The relationship between 'the Vril Society' and National Socialism is written of widely, from varying perspectives. Some claim that the Vril Society was behind Hitler's rise to power, whilst others accuse the Vril Society of collaboration with the Illuminati and other secret societies which are now recognised as being harmful to the sovereignty and health of man and nation. I know too little of the Vril Society to comment reliably, but its true nature is nevertheless irrelevant to my next point.

Adolf Hitler, whether you deem him a great man or a genocidal maniac, was clearly in possession of copious Vril. This blog does not exist to promote a belief in Hitler's greatness, but I do nevertheless understand the truth surrounding the man and his war. As such I will take an objective stance. Yet to take an objective stance is to recognise just how influential and powerful Hitler's passion was. This was a man who was that "...very dynamo of energy, activity, and power" promised by the sages of Vril. Hitler was a man who, when he spoke, people listened. He managed to harness such an amount of Vril that an entire nation, almost unanimously, were attracted to him and his ideas. Adolf Hitler believed wholeheartedly that he had a profound purpose in freeing his people from Financial bondage and depravity, and his will was empowered by the goodness of mother nature with sufficient Vril to achieve that task. Interestingly, Hitler was a vegetarian'Vril or Vital Magnetism' seems to suggest a vegetarian diet as being the most conducive to Vril-intake.

An article by Miguel Serrano named 'Hitler and Jung' references a famous article written by Carl Jung named 'Wotan' (which I have read but cannot find a link for). Carl Jung rightly identified Wotan/Woden/Odin's name as relating to the act/emotion of fury and posited that Adolf Hitler was an incarnation of the Allfather god, exemplifying all of his power and fury in his task to free his nation and bring it to glory once again. One would assume that if the Old Gods were to operate through the life of a mortal man that they would adorn him with all of the energy so necessary to affect his task. This energy is Vril, and when the Gods favour a human - whether it be in battle, in politics or in art - they naturally ensure that he or she has at their disposal vast amounts of Vril.

This leads me to a brief aside where I intend to reconcile the seemingly modern understanding of Vril with ancient Heathen belief. I shall focus on what I know, which is Anglo-Saxon Heathenism. The Anglo-Saxons had a complex understanding of the soul and its various components. One such aspect is the 'Mægen'. 

mægen is the spiritual energy possessed by every living creature and thing in the universe. mægen like wyrd exists on many levels. There is the mægen of the individual, that shared by the family, and that shared by entire nations. mægen is expended in everyday life with the deeds we do. How much mægen one has is regulated by Wyrd and based largely on our deeds. When one commits an evil act, they incur a debt known in Anglo-Saxon as a scyld "debt, or obligation." Failure to pay this debt results in a loss of mægen equal to the amount of mægen lost from the evil act. Thus theft of a piece of jewelry would result in a loss of mægen from the thief equal to the amount of mægen contained in that piece of jewelry. mægen can be earned through the doing of good deeds, that is the doing of deeds that benefit others or the community.

Thus it can be seen that our ancient Germanic ancestors knew of this vital energy, as did the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Furthermore, the Anglo-Saxon concept of Mægen appears to hint at a more complex dynamic whereby entire nations can share in a deserved quantity of Mægen, or Vril, through their combined actions. 'Vril or Vital Magnetism' does not go so far as to suggest this, so again these are largely my own ideas as to the full nature of Vril. Yet it does seem plausible that we might earn Vril through our deeds, as well as acquiring more modest amounts through the basic proper techniques of eating and breathing.

I sometimes hear it said that certain nations or races have earned their fate, or are in a certain state of greatness or disarray through past actions. This would meld well with the concept of Mægen, and may possibly call into question the true nature of Vril. And this is why we must as individuals, and as families, groups and nations take seriously the acquisition and employment of Vril.

EDIT (26/11/2013):
It has been brought to my attention by wiser practitioners than I that Vril may either be more cognate with the Germanic concept of 'Ønd', or in Old English 'Æðem'; or that both Mægen and Æðem are relevant terms. The Wednesbury Shire website linked above says this of Æðem:

The æðem is the breath of life, it is the animating principle of the body and is what links the body to the rest of the soul. It is roughly the equivalent of "the silver chord" of some philosophies. Without the æðem the soul would separate from the body and leave. At death, the æðem dissolves setting the soul free to fare to the afterlife. Another term for the æðem is the ealdor, which also refers to the life span of a man as well as eternity. Yet another term is blad which means "breath or spirit," and like æðem refers to ancient beliefs involving the idea of the breath of life as the soul of a man.

In the 'Voluspa' from the Elder Edda, we are told Woden and his brothers gave man ønd or divine breath, wód or moods/emotions, or appearance, and likr or health. This divine breath clearly refers to the same phenomena we are referring to here as 'Vril', for Woden made inanimate driftwood animate by way of this gift. Absence of the Æðem, just like absence of Vril, means to be deceased. Yet I would humbly suggest that Mægen also refers to the vital energy called Vril because it " the spiritual energy possessed by every living creature and thing in the universe" and "...mægen is expended in everyday life with the deeds we do." It may in fact be that whilst Mægen and Æðem are considered different aspects of the soul, the line between them is fairly blurred and that they should be considered as the same concept (Vril) but within different contexts - Mægen referring to the general shared field of Vril and the way we interact with each other, and Æðem referring to that Vril which was bestowed to us at birth to bring us into an animated state and with which we interact with higher, unseen spiritual forces (the aspect detailed in the above section of this article called 'Theoretical Application'.

We must employ Vril to achieve our noble task

In the video shown earlier in this article, three Chinese scientists come together and will the disappearance of a patient's cancer. This is proof, on a small-scale, of the power of numbers and of unity.We all know that when thousands of people come together for one cause - whether it be a Premier League football match, for a stadium rock concert, or to celebrate the salvation of Germany at a Nuremberg Rally - there is a profound atmosphere that can move the Earth, metaphorically speaking. This is also mentioned by Gregg Braden in the above video and it is absolutely true. The reason is because when many people come together, they bring a concentration of Vril to one place. When their minds are all as one, intensely passionate about the same cause, they charge the sea of Vril shared amongst them with the will of that cause and the shared Vril gives that idea enormous energy. 

You'll notice that whilst the Chinese scientists are healing the patient of cancer, they are chanting quietly. The exact wording of the chant, apparently, is irrelevant. What matters is that these words have been designed to put the Scientists into a state of mind which charges their Vril positively and makes it effective in the given task. This is a reminder of the profound power of music and song. National anthems embolden nations, hymns embolden religions and chants can embolden seemingly 'magical' rituals.

This is why the malevolent rulers of our Western nations are moving to prohibit the gathering of large numbers of people for protest purposes. It is not out of concern for the overt and mundane success of such protests, or that they might become violent (such consideration would assume that the British government cares for the well-being of the people); it is primarily because the regimes who hold power understand the arcane and hidden power of such gatherings. They understand that is precisely this power which led to the rise of National Socialism in Germany and the near defeat of banker tyranny in German lands.

It is also worth noting that this understanding by our enemies is one of the reasons behind their 'divide and rule' strategy. When people question why the British government, which is disproportionately Jewish, incidently, would import vast numbers of Muslims into our land, the reason is simple: to create a divided and distracted nation with no possibility of single purpose or the united desires of the 'race soul'. Our potential to harness a combined vital energy in the interests of our national freedom and prosperity is thus weakened.

But whilst our nation(s) overall have no real hope of uniting to forge our combined Vril or Mægen we do still have the opportunity to come together as like-minded groups within this land and to do exactly that on a smaller scale. What is really exciting - when you realise the arcane and 'magical' workings of Vril in this way - is that it matters not whether there are cameras there to report the gathering or not. Conventional thinking would have us believe that the success of a demonstration can only be measured by the extent of its news coverage. This is what our enemy wants us to believe for they hold the whip hand over the media and they want us to think that they can dash our uprisings as easily as by denying us the air of publicity. The truth is that we don't need their spotlight in order to flex our metaphysical muscles. I forcibly suggest that we gather in large numbers, away from the public eye and at night preferably. We must do this in the name of our primary cause, which is to regain control over our own nation and thus our sovereignty and freedom. If we can do this without being sidetracked by religious or politic-specific disputes then we can bring to life a new force for change.

To begin with, the Heathen, the Nationalist, the proud and noble man, woman and child must take those simple steps outlined above (and in certain books) to enhance themselves through the acquisition of the vital energy called Vril. It is a basic demand, and one which many will have already have heeded long before I wrote this article. But those who have read this far are likely to share in this belief and cannot with good conscience ignore its importance. We talk about our potential to become the great men and women spoken of in myth and legend, and here we go: simple, workable steps to begin that journey.

Breathe fully, chew slowly, temper your outbursts and relax. Now you have vital energy to dedicate to the realisation of a better World.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Germanic 'God' Rune and the Egyptian 'God' Hieroglyph

Much evidence is coming to light of the Indo-European origins of Ancient Egypt. King Tutankhamen is reported to have DNA which matches the majority of Western European men. So when I study the wisdom of our ancestors I try to remain open-minded to the connections between the teachings of ancient North-Western Europe and other cultures Worldwide. One such source of literature which provides great opportunity for comparing the origins of man is the 'Earth Chronicles' series of books by Zechariah Sitchin. Sitchin's case for an extra-terrestrial origin to our Gods, and a Godly origin to man is something that may fit into my own Heathen perception of my Gods (more on this in future articles).

Regardless of the validity of Sitchin's wild claims, he does offer useful, basic information in his writings. Today I came across this paragraph in his book 'The Stairway to Heaven', and was instantly struck by the connection with one of our Germanic runes.

The Egyptian word for these Celestial Beings was NTR - a term which in the languages of the Near East meant "One Who Watches." The heiroglyphic sign for Neter was *; like all hieroglyphic signs, it must have represented originally an actual, visible object. Suggestions by scholars have ranged from an axe on a long handle to an ensign. Margaret A. Murray (The Splendor That Was Egypt) has put forward a more current view. Showing that pottery from the earliest, pre-dynastic period was adorned with drawings of boats carrying a pole with two streamers as a standard (Fig. 36), she concluded that "the pole with the two streamers became the hieroglyphic sign for God."


Fig. 36

Now, compare the Egyptian NTR hieroglyph (marked by an asterisk) with the English rune Os (meaning 'God'):

What's perhaps even more interesting is that in the Elder Futhark, the Ansuz rune is the 'God' rune:

In the English Futhorc the shape of the Ansuz rune has come to represent Aesc (Ash) so that the Futhorc contains both of the above rune forms. The NTR hieroglyph has certain renderings which obviously look more similar to Ansuz/Aesc than they do Os. But Ansuz is the 'God' rune, and 'Aesc' surely represents the Ash tree which connects us with the realm of the Gods. Indeed - and I may not be the first to make this connection - 'Aesc' is phonetically and etymologically similar to 'Aesir', who are the primary family of Gods in the Germanic religion.

I think it is foolish to dismiss resemblances like this as 'coincidence'. To me they speak of an ancient link between the heritage of European man/culture and the early advanced cultures of Egypt and Sumeria. A similar connection between the Germanic runes and Sumerian civilisation is identified in another blog entry of mine: The Uruz Rune, the Age of Taurus and Sumer.