Thursday, 16 August 2012

More On the Matter of the London 2012 Logo

The town where I live has for the past few weeks had bunting strewn above the high street. Colourful and official, it displays the following logo all along it.

Now, as a graphic designer myself, the typography of this design makes little sense unless one is willing to consider the not-so-hidden symbolism involved. The number ‘2’ has been rendered in an angular fashion which reads more like a ‘Z’. In a franchise where almost all other design – like everything state-related – is ‘user-friendly’ and appeals to the lowest common denominator rather than the artistically minded, it makes no sense to use a form of typography where the ‘2’ looks more like a ‘Z’. I work in less mainstream circles than the Olympic games and yet I’m constantly asked to make my designs “clearer”. So how is it that the designers of the London 2012 branding got away with a more abstract approach than was necessary, or than would be tolerated in most other corporate projects?

It only makes sense when we consider that the ‘2’ is supposed to be reminiscent of a ‘Z’, and that a sideways ‘Z’ also serves perfectly as an ‘N’.

Here’s my take on the significance of the London-Zion link and why no other political union than the United Kingdom could have hosted the games this year: Israel, or Zion, was essentially created by the British Government. Read the ‘Rothschild Timeline’ in my links for more info on that. London also, as a corporation separate from the rest of England, is a major centre for banking and thus Zionist ambitions. Furthermore, no nation other than perhaps the USA has been more instrumental in aiding the Rothschild Zionist wars against genuine rebel-nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

In short, London/Britain and Zion represent a political union more potent than almost any other. The two entities are inextricably linked and inter-dependent in what they’ve become. It is a union which is of no benefit to the average British Citizen, yet in the subtle visual binding of London and Zion the average British citizen is subconsciously programmed to accept the permanent normality of London’s alliance with Israel.


  1. As well as the 2012 logo a lot of people have noticed an uncanny resemblance between the large triangular stadium flood lights and the Illuminati pyramid as featured on the US dollar.

  2. I've not heard that. Thanks for the heads up - will investigate.