Wednesday, 31 October 2012

(S)laughter is the Best Medicine

It has come to my attention that this blog is being watched by a handful of, well, presumably a handful of jobless, Liberal, small-minded, conspiracy-denying nerds... most of whom are undoubtedly pro-Zionist and some of whom are probably on the surveillance-state-payroll. If you’re one of them – thank you! Readership of this blog has shot up as a result and, as someone who stands by every word I utter, I am not brought to shame by the mild mockery directed my way. Eye of Woden stands for ideas, possibilities, esoterica and open-mindedness. I do not claim to offer facts, only suggestions for wider consideration by those who are brave enough to open their minds.

The following thoughts refer precisely to the type of people who waste their time monitoring and mocking blogs like this. Enjoy your empty lives, focussed upon destroying rather than creating. It will have a bearing in the end, if you know what I mean. But then, you know everything already, right?

I’m reluctant to pay attention to the MSM or political news, but it has nevertheless come to my attention lately that ‘austerity’ is being used as a cast-iron justification for the introduction of new, otherwise unacceptable propositions. Apparently one of those snivelling snakes in Parliament is suggesting tolls for motorway use; The same one, I think, is proposing a 3p per litre petrol rise; Someone else has forgotten to lower the emergency VAT rate back down to 17.5% (and while we’re at it successive governments have forgotten to drop the post-WWII emergency income tax); Certain foods are now being taxed that weren’t taxed before; Benefits for the genuinely-needy are being lowered and... and so on.

But what we seem to have forgotten is that it is the government who got us into this mess, or rather – they crashed the economy on behalf of those they work for: the international private bankers. This is all as good as fact for anyone willing to do some research and consider ‘non-official’ sources. And if you still don’t believe that perhaps some non-Conspiracy-based facts might help you point the finger of blame squarely at the government...

  • It was they who spent £billions on a war which no-one in Britain wanted to continue fighting.
  • It was they who gave the banks our money, whilst most still can’t get a loan or mortgage.
  • It was, and is, they who insist on maintaining our foreign aid budget to countries who need help no more than we do.
  • It is they who continue to hand money to immigrants, knowing full well that immigration costs us more than it contributes.
  • It is they who continue to hand money to the EU, knowing full well that it costs us more than we gain from it.

These are all actions which not one single member of the public, whose money it is, voted for. Therefore they are unlawful actions, which do not have the consent of those whose money it is, making those actions theft!

Not content with the amount they’re stealing from us they turn to the cameras, smile, and convince cretins such as those who mock this blog that we are responsible for our national poverty (their thievery) and that they need to steal yet more from us to try and cover up their initial thievery.

It really is very simple when you think about it. Most of us are just blinded by the sight of a ‘respectable’ man in a suit, smiling at us from that bastion of truth BBC television. They can only have our best interests at heart, surely! Wrong! Wake up you pathetic, brain-dead moron. This is theft, by our own ‘leaders’, on behalf of their banker cohorts. Think about this: we work, we produce – yet our national balance only ever goes one way: down! How the hel can this be, perpetually? If our taxes cover the cost of public services and wars, then why is our nation in enormous debt? And if our taxes don’t cover these things, then just how much more taxes do we have to pay to ensure that they are covered? Who’s got spare money to be taxed? I know I don’t have a penny more that can be extracted, so good luck getting it.

You idiots who decry every accusation of ‘tyranny’, ‘slavery’ and ‘theft’ as some crack-pot conspiracy theory are seriously troubled. You are unable to come to obvious conclusions when presented with very simple facts, either because you find the truth too uncomfortable or because it makes you feel superior to deny the truth. Well good luck with that. You are inferior - mentally, spiritually and most probably physically. You will pay a price for that when this house-of-cards comes crashing down... and soon.


  1. Lefties don't mind being bent over by the 'elites' Steed, you're wasting your time trying to reason with them.

    Their only concern, for whatever reason, is silencing the 'right' (through violence if necessary) and advancing their multiCult agenda. Everything they do strengthens the 'elites' hold over us all, they are being played, but don't expect them to acknowledge that.

    I have seen lefties get flayed alive in thousands of debates across the internet but I doubt it has made one iota of impact on any one of those individual lefties beliefs. They respond to defeat with tantrums, mocking and name calling before running off to the SWP clubhouse.

    The current alliance between Anti-Fa (lol) and radical Islamists illustrates this point nicely. The far left will be the first target for Jihadists as soon as they are in position to do so. Gay rights within Islam? Womens rights? Animal rights even?

    The far left are mugs, imbeciles with nothing to offer except failed ideology and worn out dogma. I long for the day when their 'allies' are slitting their throats in the streets.

    Whose streets? The 'elites' streets you morons. Won whilst you obsessed over the 'rise of the far right' and social engineering. And 'smashing' all who opposed you.

    Enjoy the wonderful, united world you created.

  2. Your blog has been features on 'Conspiracy Theorist Say The Darnedest Things'. I'm glad I found your interesting blog, very glad you not insulted by their comments.

    Regarding 'ukn_Leo', well played, sterotypes are useful and never reveal the stereotype-er as an idiot. Your stereotype actually lets you believe people that think gays should have rights similar to everyone else would support 'radical Islamists'.

    I think women should be allowed to make their own choices about their own bodies and their pregnancies, but it wouldn't be a choice I make for myself.

    I think people should have religious freedoms, but those freedoms should be moderated by the direct impact on personal freedoms.

    Live and let live, and THINK!

    'Failed Ideology'? Yeah cause the socialist Europe where very few go hungry and the homeless are taken care of by the state and everyone has free education... what a 'failed' ideology, whose populations are rated as happiest and healthiest amongst the whole world...

    As compared to america, where there is outrage over 'infringing capitalism' by try to outlaw the sale of a pram that is cutting off toddlers fingers... not to mention that they rate completely rubbish on education, hosipitals etc.

    Your stereotype are turning you into a imbecile ukn_Leo. You say 'flayed alive in thousands of debates'... is that the same way Obama and Romney have a presidential debate, and depending on which candidate the news outlets prefer, that candidate 'walked all over' the candidate when they 'report' on the debate.

    I keep wanna coming back to it... you sound like an idiot. When are 'liberals' violent towards anyone? Any violence reported by anyone is almost always a small minority, if your a 'conservative' I'm sure I can find 'news' of a minor percentage of people in a 'conservative' gathering doing something the majority of people in the gathering would find despicable, and the same could be said about 'liberal' gatherings... if you WANT to find evidence, you will, but that doesn't mean the 'evidence' is worth a damn.


    I believe 98% of people are genuinely kind, honest, lovely people, who watch the news and get brainwashed that 'those others' are horrible evil stupid people. Most islamic people are kind honest lovely people, being told that everyone else is horrible, Most christian people are kind honest lovely people, being told that everyone else is horrible. THINK!

    Walk into a room thinking 'everyone in here is evil', and your preconception turns into your actual perception very easily, and most probably cause your scowling at everyone and being rude cause 'they evil'. Rewind, and walk into the same room with a different attitude and your experience of those people change. This is well known and easy to think out all for yourself, don't believe me, THINK about it. lol.

    I'm sure your lovely and honest and caring person Leo, but THINK!

    Love you, and thanks for the blog!

  3. Thanks for the comment Noel. It seems the crux of your point is the same as mine - that we must all learn to blame the tyrants in charge, not our fellow man, whatever his colour or creed. The oligarchs play a predictable divide-and-rule game, and we fall for it.

    However, another point I am keen to make is that some of our fellow men undoubtedly serve those same oligarchs - often without realising it. When they are unwilling to consider their chosen position in this war for liberty - policing dissent on behalf of the leaders they often claim to hate (of which mocking 'conspiracy theorists' is one such method) - then we who love truth and liberty are right to point the finger straight back at them and to count them as enemies. To paraphrase the film 'The Matrix', all who are yet to awaken "are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy".

    It's not rocket science - it doesn't take a genius to figure out we're being robbed and enslaved, in broad daylight nonetheless. It simply takes some humility, open-mindedness, dignity and self-respect.

    But I'm sure you agree for the most part Noel. I'm glad you found the blog through the actions of 'those who police dissent'.